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One Hundred Seven Children Examined on Screening Mission

Michael Yurieff  | Published on 5/15/2017
On May 11-12th, cardiac surgeon Dr. Gorbachevsky traveled to Lipetsk to screen children for heart defects. The city of Lipetsk is located on the Volga river, 272 miles southeast of Moscow and has a population of about 509,000 people. The city of Lipetsk is the administrative center of the Lipetsk region. It lies along both banks of the Voronezh River in the Don Basin. A fortified settlement existed on the site in the 13th century, until its destruction by Tatars in 1284. The town was founded in 1703 as an ironworking center by Peter the Great. It also served as a spa resort; its natural springs and mineral-laden mud were valued as curatives. An ironworks dating from 1897 and another from 1934 were converted in the 1960s into huge iron- and steelworks. The city is the center of the major industrial region of Central Chernozem.

Irina Rudinskaya, RGOL's representative in Russia, helped arrange the screening mission with the local Ministry of Health. One hundred and seven children were screened for heart disease. Due to the nature of their defects, several children were selected as candidates for treatment in the US on the Gift of Life program. Other children will be treated at the Bakulev Center in Moscow. The children and their parents anxiously wait to hear if they have been accepted.

Dr. Gorbachevsky is pictured here examining a child for heart defects in Lipetsk, Russia.

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