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Two Girls with Heart Defects Featured on TV in Russia

Michael Yurieff  | Published on 5/20/2015
Anastasia Soldatnikova is seven. Nadia Kuzmina is four. Both girls live in Russia and have life threatening heart defects.
Ten days after she was born, doctors found that Anastasia has a heart defect. Since then she has been under a doctor's care. The hope was that as she grew up, the hole would close on its own. At first, everything went well, but then when Anastasia went to first grade, she became very thin, pale, and began to tire easily. Just before Christmas, doctors announced that Anastasia will need surgery very soon.

Nadia was born full term. She learned to walk and talk normally. But she doesn't gain weight well and is often sick. Earlier this year, she came down with bronchitis. After listening to Nadia's heart, the pediatrician referred Nadia to a cardiologist. That's when doctors discovered that she had a large hole in her heart.
Both girls urgently need heart surgery. Doctors at the Tomsk Cardiac Center in Siberia are willing to perform a special type of operation where the girls would not need to have their chests cut open. Unfortunately, these operations are not covered under the Russian national health insurance and have to be paid for out of pocket. Fortunately, the Rusfond children's charity in Moscow and local TV stations are able to share these girls' stories. Generous viewers text in the funds needed to save these girls lives. Their donations together with pledges of $1,000 for each child from Russian Gift of Life USA provide new hope for the girls and their families.
To see the Russian language TV reports, please visit: or click on the girls' photos.

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