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Successful Surgeries Continue During Second Week of Voronezh Medical Mission

Michael Yurieff  | Published on 4/2/2014
Through the combined efforts of the international team, led by ICHF founder Dr. William Novick, and the local pediatric cardiac team six children, ranging in age from one to twenty months, have been successfully operated during the first week of the second medical mission to the Voronezh Regional Hospital. One of the surgeries on little Kirill was a first of its kind operation in this region of Russia.  

Kirill, age twenty months, had a frightening diagnosis: a severe combined heart defect in which there is only one ventricle along with transposition of the great arteries. Little Kirill suffered from the fact that he was not getting enough oxygen. The joint team performed a complex operation called a Fontan on March 27th. After surgery, Kirill only spent three days in intensive care. On the fourth day, he was transferred to the ward and into his mother's arms. Today, Kirill is being monitored by the local pediatric cardiologists as he begins to lead a normal life. His appetite has improved, and he spends a lot of time walking about the ward, which is an important part of his recovery in the postoperative period. Stay tuned here to learn more about Kirill's progress.

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