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Ilya Kontorin Successfully Operated at Mayo Clinic

 | Published on 2/1/2012

Ilya's mother Svetlana and Executive Director Michael Yurieff have been on an emotional roller coaster since 6 am this morning. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic informed them that the hole in Ilya's heart would be enlarged to improve blood flow, but that there were a few "landmines." The hole was close to his heart valve and electrical system. If either was compromised he could require a pacemaker or to have his valve replaced. A valve replacement would mean being on Coumadin the rest of his life. The surgery began at 8:55 am. They were called about an hour later and informed that Ilya went on the heart bypass machine. This was the critical time when all would be decided surgically. At 11:15 am, they were suddenly called in to see the surgeon. Nervously they went to another floor where Dr. Cetta and Dr. Burkhart were waiting. Mr. Yurieff said to Dr. Burkhart, "you're smiling, it must have gone well." He said it did. All the "landmines" were avoided. He enlarged the hole, and there was no need for a valve replacement or pacemaker. Svetlana cried out of happiness and relief. Normal blood flow has been restored. Amazing work by the Mayo medical team!

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