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Diana's Surgery a Success!

 | Published on 8/3/2011
Little Diana underwent surgery today at Saint Francis Hospital. At 10:40 am, Dr. Sean Levchuck came from the operating room to the visitor's lounge. He told Diana's mother, Katya, that everything had gone well and that Diana's ASD (atrial septal defect) has been closed for good. By correcting this defect, the pulmonary stenosis she had been suffering from is expected to clear up as well.

A short time later, Katya was allowed to see her daughter. As she walked in, Katya remarked that felt like she did when she was about to see Diana for the first time after giving birth. Soon she was at Diana's bedside. Nervous whenever her mother steps away even for a moment, here was Diana, surrounded by strangers and very frightened that her mother was nowhere to be found. As soon as Diana saw her mother, she cried and wrapped her arms around her and held tight. She would not let go for anything now. Mother and daughter were reunited.

As the effects of the anesthesia began to wear off, Diana asked her mother something. The medical staff, always alert to a patient's needs, asked what Diana had said. Was she in pain? Was she cold? It turns out, Diana was concerned where her clothes were. Everyone broke out into big smiles. A nurse then quickly showed Diana a clear plastic bag, where all her belongings were. Diana calmed down and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Late today, she was discharged and mother and daughter are now back at Ronald McDonald House of Long Island resting comfortably.

Special thanks to Irina Davidson, Faina Fuji, and Ludmila Tafreshi for volunteering at the hospital today. Diana's mom, Katya, is very grateful for all the support.

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