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Six-Year-Old Stas Has A Heart Defect. Heart Surgery Can Save Her Life. Please Help.

From birth, Stas was underweight, always pale, and pediatricians could not understand why. My son’s heart defect was found at only 11 months, after a full examination. At that time, the holes in the atrial septum were small. Cardiologists warned me that if my boy felt worse, they will urgently operate. Every six months we went for an ultrasound. For a time the heart was able to cope. But over time the number of holes and defects increased, and the flow of blood from one atrium to another was considerable. Little Stas became tired quickly and his lips turned blue. At the last visit, the cardiologists announced that the operation can no longer be postponed. In September, he starts first grade. I dream that my son can live a full life, and am ready to help him in any way I can. But I cannot find the money for the operation. As a manager I earn six thousand five hundred rubles (about $230US) per month.  Stas’s father abandoned us even before he was born birth. In December 2009, I remarried. The company, where my husband worked as a driver, went bankrupt. We have no money. I sincerely hope that there will be people who will be able to help us. Many thanks in advance. Christina Meshkova, Tomsk region.

Cardiac surgeon Evgeny Krivoshchekov of the Tomsk Cardiac Center says:

Closing the atrial septal defect with an occluder without requiring open-heart surgery is the best course of treatment. This fall Stas goes to school, so the operation should be done now, otherwise he won’t be able to stand the burden. His prognosis is very good.

Stas was successfully operated at the Tomsk Cardiac Center in Siberia on June 23, 2010. 

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