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Thirteen-year-old Valya Kukyan Has a Heart Defect. Endovascular Surgery Can Save Her Life. Please Help.

"Valya, our youngest, is in the seventh grade. Our older two sons and daughter are grown, they have their own families and children. For two years now, I am a Class 3 invalid after suffering two strokes. I wait on line at the unemployment office, look for work, but no luck so far: in our village there’s no work to be had. My husband has Class 2 disability after severe strokes and surgery, which he had six months ago. So we live on two pensions and 600 rubles unemployment. Yes, social services pays us a thousand rubles every three months. That's our whole income. We don't keep our own farm animals to live on, we don’t have the energy for it. We don’t have money to have gas put in, we use a wood burning stove. And here Valya needs very expensive heart surgery. Our daughter started complaining that she is tired and her head hurts. The pediatrician sent us to a cardiologist, and from there to the Cardiac Center. The doctors say that the defect should have been closed a long time ago, that our girl is developing poorly, but we did not know anything about this defect! Valya almost doesn’t go outside anymore. She comes home from school, lies down and rests. Please us help pay for her surgery!"

Galina Yakovleva, Tomsk region.

Cardiac surgeon Evgeny Krivoshchekov of the Tomsk Cardiac Center says: "The location of the atrial septal defect and its size allows it to be closed with a special device called an occluder, which is inserted through the vein. Valya will be healthy and will avoid complications. Postponing the operation will not produce a good outcome."

Valya was successfully operated at the Tomsk Cardiac Center in Siberia, Russia on March 22, 2011.

Valya is now healthy.
Her parents Gennady and Galina thank everyone for their generosity!

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