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Save A Child from Heart Disease
Please Help Save Kira.

Kira is two years old. She was born with heart disease.

“My daughter has an atrial septal defect, we are registered with the cardiologist. At our last consult, the doctor said that the defect has not disappeared with age, as expected, but on the contrary, increased. In April, Tomsk cardiac surgeons visited our city. They examined Kira, confirmed the diagnosis, and recommended endovascular correction. The operation is expensive, and I'm asking for your help. I am now on leave to care for my child, I have no income. I have two daughters, the oldest is nine. Their father and I do not live together, he does not pay child support. My mother and brother provide for us. Yulia Fadeeva, Omsk Region.

UPDATE 06/10/2015

Tomsk Pediatric Cardiologist, Professor Victoria Savchenko says: "Given Kira’s age and the topography of her heart disease, she needs endovascular closure of her atrial septal defect."

TOTAL COST = $5,000.00

Kira was successfully operated on July 9, 2015.

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