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Save A Child from Heart Disease
Please Help Save Daniel.

Daniel is eleven years old. He was born with heart disease and has cerebral palsy. His heart defect prevents him from participating in the physical activity he needs to overcome his cerebral palsy.

"Since birth, Daniel has been on the register at the regional cardiac center where we live. Some specialists insist that only open-heart surgery can effectively treat his heart defect, while others believe that prolonged general anesthesia will cause Daniel irreparable harm. When he turned one, my son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since then we have not stopped treatment and have achieved a lot. We’ve almost overcome the delay in his physical development: Daniel walks on tiptoes and stumbles, but otherwise everything else is good. He needs to play sports in order to develop, but because of his ailing heart even physical education classes are prohibited. Surgeons at the Tomsk Cardiac Center are prepared to close the defect without cutting open his chest. Daniel will be able to tolerate this kind of operation. But I would never be able to pay for it! We live on disability and social welfare, we don’t receive any child support." Margarita Derevenchuk, Altai Region.

UPDATE 05/28/2015

Tomsk Pediatric Cardiologist, Professor Victoria Savchenko says: "Endovascular closure of the atrial septal defect is indicated for Daniel."

TOTAL COST = $5,154.00

Daniel was successfully operated on July 23, 2015.

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