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Save A Child from Heart Disease
Please Help Save Matey.

Matey is one and a half years old. He was born with heart disease.


“Matvey was born prematurely, could not breathe on his own, for the first five days of his life he was on a respirator. He spent another month recovering at the children's hospital, where cardiologists suspected congenital heart disease. They examined him once a month. No improvement. As Matey grows, the burden on his heart increases. It's hard for him to go and play, he gasps for air. Surgeons in Tomsk have agreed to close the hole in his heart without open-heart surgery. Please help us pay for this operation! My husband lost his job, works at construction sites to help us get by. To help feed my family of two children, I've gone back to work at a store."

"My husband lost his job.” – Nadezhda Kosmynina, Altai Region, Russia.

Tomsk Cardiac Surgeon Evgeny Krivoshchekov says: "Endovascular closure of the atrial septal defect is indicated for Matvey."
Without this medical procedure, Matvey will get worse and may not live into adulthood. If you would like to help Matvey, don’t let the cost stop you. We are almost there. Please give what you can. Your gift in any amount will be gratefully accepted. A little boy needs you. He has nowhere else to turn. With your help we can save Matvey's life.

TOTAL COST = $4,257.00

UPDATE April 2015
The Rusfond children's charity in Moscow has raised the bulk of the funds necessary for Matvey's operation. Generous donors to Russian Gift of Life USA have raised the remaining funds.

Matvey was successfully operated on April 15, 2015 at the Tomsk Cardiac Center in Siberia.


Matvey’s mother Nadezhda thanks everyone for their generous support, especially Russian Gift of Life USA, GTRK Altai television viewers and readers of Rusfond.

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