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Save A Child from Heart Disease
Please Help Save Timofei.

Timofei is two years old. He was born with heart disease.

Timofei received an operation for a heart defect called partial anomalous pulmonary venous drainage. Timofei had an additional defect called Cor Triatiatum where an extra chamber inside the left collecting chamber into the heart can obstruct the return of blood from the lungs.
In this defect, some of the veins from the lungs, carrying the oxygenated blood, return to the wrong side of the circulation - meaning the blood has to flow around the lungs a second time, creating a problem called pulmonary over circulation, which combined with the obstruction to the blood return to the heart - carried a big risk of leading to disease called pulmonary hypertension.
Timofei was already affected by this defect: visibly malnourished and about the same weight as a hearty baby of 10 months of age. Although complex to operate on initially, most children with this problem will not need any further surgery and can expect a normal quality of life, with a low risk of re-operation. The team will follow up on Timofei’s progress and growth on subsequent trips. Children after this operation may often need a sustained period of time in the ICU on drugs and a breathing machine. However, unlike many children, Timofei came off of his breathing machine only 5 minutes after returning from the operating room. He was able to leave the ICU just 2 days after his surgery. Pictured is sweet Timofei enjoying a banana after being discharged to the ward.

Gift of Life, Inc. and Russian Gift of Life USA are helping to fund medical training missions to Timofei's hometown of Voronezh. The first mission took place in November 2013.

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