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Save A Child from Heart Disease
Please Help Save Anastasia.

Anastasia is seven years old. She was born with heart disease.


“Ten days after she was born, doctors found that Anastasia has a heart defect. Since then, my daughter has been under a doctor’s regular supervision. We hoped that with age, her heart would heal on its own. At first everything was fine, my daughter even began swimming and figure skating – the cardiologist said her condition was improving. But when Anastasia went to first grade, she became thin, pale, and began to tire easily. This past December, at our annual ultrasound, doctors said that Anastasia needs surgery very soon. They recommended a special type of operation – where she would not need to have her chest cut open. But we’re not able to come up with so much money to pay for it. My husband doesn’t have a regular job, we live on my bookkeeper’s salary."

"I just want her to be healthy. That's my only wish.” – Natalia Soldatnikova, Tomsk, Russia.

Without this medical procedure, Anastasia will get worse and may not live into adulthood. If you would like to help Anastasia, don’t let the cost stop you. We are almost there. Please give what you can. Your gift in any amount will be gratefully accepted. A young girl needs you. She has nowhere else to turn. With your help we can save Anastasia’s life.
TOTAL COST = $5,922.00
The Rusfond children's charity in Moscow has raised the bulk of the funds necessary for Anastasia's operation. Generous donors to Russian Gift of Life USA have raised all of the remaining funds needed.
Anastasia was successfully operated on May 27, 2015
at the Tomsk Cardiac Center in Siberia.
Anastasia's atrial septal defect was closed without the need to cut open her chest. Already on the operating table, doctors diagnosed the complete elimination of congenital heart disease and no evidence of pulmonary hypertension. Anastasia will now grow and develop like other children her age.
Anastasia's mother, Natalia, thanks everyone for their generous support, especially Russian Gift of Life USA, GTRK "Tomsk" television viewers and readers of Rusfond.

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