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Two-Year-Old Nadia Has a Complex Heart Defect.

Open-Heart Surgery Can Save Her Life. Please Help.

Nadia Litvinova, 2 years old, congenital heart disease,Ebstein's anomaly, needs open-heart surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital. $77,210 is needed to save Nadia. The Rusfond children's charity in Moscow has raised $69,210. Gift of Life, Inc. has pledged $4,000. She needs $4,000 more. Please help.

"We named our cherished daughter Nadezhda (“hope”) without knowing what was to come. At the maternity clinic, the doctor heard a noise in her tiny heart, and the ultrasound shocked us: congenital heart disease, Ebstein's anomaly. The first attack of palpitations occurred when Nadia was four months old. We would sit in front of the entrance to intensive care and hear Nadia cry but could not do anything to help. Then there were eleven more attacks of arrhythmia, each lasting for five or more hours. The supporting medications no longer help, and Nadia has a severe allergy to them. During her last examination, doctors confirmed that our daughter’s condition has gotten worse; her right heart ventricle is almost non-existent. Nadia needs open-heart surgery, but in Russia they won’t do it. Last fall, at an international conference on cardiovascular surgery, Pedro Del Nido, a doctor from Boston Children’s Hospital (USA), examined Nadia. This hospital uses the most advanced technologies to significantly improve treatment outcome. The hospital is prepared to accept Nadia as a patient, but we cannot afford to pay the enormous bill. Please help!"


Anna Litvinova, Saint Petersburg. 

To save Nadia Litvinova, $4,000 more is needed.

Pedro Del Nido, Chief of Cardiac Surgery, Boston Children’s Hospital: “Nadia’s tricuspid valve cusp is displaced towards the left ventricle, she urgently needs surgery. Our hospital has great experience in the surgical treatment of this defect, the girl has a good chance for recovery”. 

The cost of Nadia’s surgery is $69,210. We are happy to report that the Rusfond children's charity in Moscow has raised the entire amount needed for surgery. Nadia is expected at the hospital in July. However, an additional $8,000 is required for her and her mother’s accommodations, food, local transportation, and other associated expenses for the duration of their stay in the USA. Of the remaining amount, the Gift of Life, Inc. children's charity has pledged $4,000. There is still $4,000 outstanding.
Please help little Nadia.

All the funds necessary for Nadia's care have been raised. Nadia was successfully operated on August 1, 2013. She is recovering in Boston with her parents by her side.

Nadia has been discharged from Boston Children's Hospital and returns to Russia a healthy, energetic little three-year-old. Her parents Anna and Nikita are grateful to the Rusfond, Russian Gift of Life USA and Gift of Life, Inc. children's charities for helping their little girl become healthy.


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