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Awards and Recognition

The A.N. Bakulev Gold Medal awarded May 2006



By resolution of the Board of Directors of the Bakulev Institute, Russian Gift of Life, USA is awarded its highest honor – the A.N. Bakulev Gold Medal for humanitarian assistance in the surgical treatment of 400 children with heart defects in the Russian Federation.



signed – Leo A. Bokeria

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Institute of Cardiology named for A.N. Bakulev

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS)


Tomsk Cardiac Center Recognition April 2012



Institute of Cardiology,

Siberian Branch of the

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS)

Tomsk, Russia

To the President of the Charitable Fund
Russian Gift of Life, USA in New York

Alexander Hindenburg

Dear Mr. Hindenburg!

Over the past few years the Tomsk Cardiac Center has become one of Russia's leading centers for the treatment of congenital heart disease in children. This was made possible largely due to your charity’s financial and moral support.


Thank you, that in 2006, you believed in the promise of our mutual cooperation. We believe your confidence in us was justified. Thanks to you and to the direct participation of Wladimir and Valentina Kowalenko and Michael Yurieff, our doctors had the opportunity to see the work of their American colleagues firsthand and to work shoulder to shoulder with them, to take in their experience in the diagnosis, treatment and nursing care of children with congenital heart disease.


We thank you for the opportunity provided our doctors to visit the leading children's heart clinics in the USA. All of this contributed to the professional growth of our doctors and, therefore, to the increase in the level of medical care they are able to provide.


Also, thanks to the support of your charity, a few of our young patients were operated at leading US clinics. This assistance cannot be overestimated - you gave them the gift of life. On behalf of all the members of our institute I personally want to thank you for your noble work, for your selfless service to benefit children. We sincerely hope that our cooperation will not end with the culmination of the Heart to Heart International Children's Medical Alliance program in Tomsk.

signed – Rostislav S. Karpov

Director of the Institute of Cardiology,

Siberian Branch of the

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS)

Tomsk, Russia

April 2012


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