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Nine-Year-Old David Namatian Has a Heart Defect.
Heart Surgery Can Save His Life. Please Help.

David Namatian is a nine-year-old boy with a complex congenital heart defect. Endovascular surgery can save his life. The full cost of the operation is $43,000. Dr. Sean Levchuck at Saint Francis Hospital will perform the surgery for free, but the cost of expendable medical supplies, airfare, and some living expenses for the family is $9,530. Russian Gift of Life USA’s Moscow partner the children’s charity Rusfond has funded the family’s flight (Moscow – New York – Moscow) for $2,530. There is still a shortage of $7,000. David's mother writes:


"I have three children: my daughter, Asya, ten, my youngest son, Roman, three, and nine year old David, who has trouble with his heart. We live in a village near Smolensk. Our house is in poor condition with no water or toilet. We live on government subsidies for children. Our house has a garden, which is a lifesaver. The children's father left us and hasn't helped in any way for a long time. And David is getting worse. He has dark circles under his eyes. When David reads a poem aloud, he has to take deep breaths of air. David is often nauseous, he complains of headaches. Every year, he has a medical exam at the Smolensk Regional Hospital, he needs heart surgery, but the local surgeons aren’t willing, and the waiting list for free open-heart surgery at the clinic in the capital city is too long. Recently, at Russian Gift of Life’s request, an American doctor reviewed David's medical records. He believes that David’s surgery can no longer be delayed, that David requires immediate medical intervention and it is better to do it in America. We’re ready to fly there, but where can we find the money for the operation? Please help.” Leili Namatian, Smolensk Region, Russia

David's defect can be treated without the need for open-heart surgery, using a medical device called an occluder. Dr. Sean Levchuck, Chairman of Pediatric Cardiology at Saint Francis Hospital says:

David has a coronary-pulmonary fistula - a thin vessel dropping some of the coronary blood flow into the pulmonary artery, depleting the blood flow. This heart defect can be closed through endovascular surgery. It needs to be done as soon as possible. And the boy will return to normal life.

Through a minimally invasive catheter-based procedure, Dr. Levchuck will be able to correct the boy's condition so he can be like other children his age.





David and his mother Leili wait to go into the operating room.




Dr. Sean Levchuck delivers the good news that David is now a healthy boy to David's mother.


David's life saving heart surgery was successfully completed on May 2, 2012.

Sixty donors have contributed $6,720 toward David's medical expenses.

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