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One-Year-Old Sergei Has A Heart Defect. Heart Surgery Can Save His Life. Please Help.


My youngest son has a heart defect. Sergei is weak, often sick. The heart cannot handle the load. He plays a little and has to lie down to rest, he doesn't have any strength left. Our local cardiologists did not prescribe any treatment, but said that it is necessary to wait until he turns two, and if the defect at that time will not close by itself, then operate. But then specialists from the Tomsk Cardiac Center came to our town. After seeing Sergei, they said we cannot wait; my son's condition is getting worse. The surgeons promised not to cut open his chest, just put an "umbrella" through the vein and close the defect. But such an operation is not free, and in our family only my husband is employed, he is working in the fish factory, he is paid eight thousand rubles a month ($266USD). We also have a daughter Nastya 11 years old and a retired grandmother. We live in an old wooden house with a stove. For us to collect enough money for the operation is impossible. Therefore we appeal to you for help and hope for rescue.

Natalia Glukhova, Altai Region

Tomsk Cardiac Surgeon Evgeny Krivoshchekov says: "Given Sergei's age and condition, and the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension, we recommend immediate endovascular intervention to correct the defect. Soon after, Sergei will be healthy."

Sergei was successfully operated at the Tomsk Cardiac Center in Siberia on September 28, 2011.

Dr. Krivoshchekov closed both of Sergei's heart defects: "The atrial septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus are eliminated, the baby is healthy."

Sergei's parents are grateful to the "Russian Gift of Life, USA and the Russian Assistance Fund for their help.

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